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  • Nathan Carter - Anniversary Collection (The Best Of The First 10 Years)

    1. Sarah Jane
    2. Temple Bar
    3. Beeswing
    4. The Games People Play
    5. Wings To Fly
    6. Gypsy Queen
    7. Banks Of The Roses
    8. Break For The Border
    9. Where I Wanna Be
    10. Boat To Liverpool
    11. Caledonia
    12. Good Time Girls
    13. Welcome To The Weekend
    14. May The Road Rise
    15. Time Of Your Life
    16. You Can't Make Old Friends
    17. Winnie O'Neill
    18. Good Morning Beautiful
    19. Wagon Wheel
    20. One For The Road

  • Nathan Carter - Little Old Town

    1. Little Old Town
    2. Rambling Rover
    3. On That Plane
    4. You Got Gold
    5. My Life With You
    6. Glory Days
    7. Picture Of You In My Heart
    8. I'm A Rover
    9. The Answer To Everything
    10. Crazy For You
    11. The Returning
    12. Hold You Now
    13. Wings To Fly
  • Nathan Carter - Born For The Road

    1. Winnie O'Neill
    2. She Don't Know She's Beautiful
    3. Love Is A Beautiful Dance
    4. If You Wanna Find Gold
    5. Right All Right
    6. There You Are
    7. Misty
    8. Unbelievable
    9. The World Looks Better With You
    10. Jug Of Sangria
    11. Give It To Me
    12. Little Rock
    13. Garden Party
    14. Why Walk When You Can Fly
    15. Last The Rest Of Your Life
    16. Dan O'Hara
  • Nathan Carter - Irish Heartland

    1.Belfast 2.Nancy Spain 3.Mountains of Mourne 4.The Lass At DonnyBrook Fair (Feat. Finbar Furey) 5.Banks Of The Roses 6.Rare Ould Times 7.Trouble In The Fields 8.Temple Bar 9.Grace 10.Ireland 11.Beeswing 12.Winnie O'Neill 13.Dan O'Hara 14.Island Town 15.On The Boat To Liverpool 16.Ned of the Hill 17.Heart Of The Home (feat. Cherish The Ladies) 18.May The Road Rise (feat. The High Kings)  
  • Nathan Carter - Livin' The Dream

    1. Livin' the Dream
    2. Caribbean Feeling
    3. Beeswing
    4. Jealous Of The Angels
    5. Summer's Here
    6. Holding A Good Hand
    7. Private Malone
    8. Just Hasn't Happened To Me
    9. Stay Alive
    10. Me And You
    11. Ned Of The Hill
    12. Rollin Home.
    13. Summer In Dublin (Live From 3Arena)
  • Nathan Carter - Live At The Marquee Cork

    1. Wagon Wheel
    2. Good Time Girls
    3. Beautiful Life
    4. How Sweet It Is
    5. Boat To Liverpool
    6. Polka Medley
    7. Good Morning Beautiful
    8. Call You Home
    9. I Can't Stop Loving You
    10. Temple Bar
    11. South Australia
    12. Home To Donegal
    13. Thank You
    14. Two Doors Down
    15. Burning Love/Proud Mary
    16. You'll Never Walk Alone
    17. Loch Lomand
    18. Irish Rover
  • Nathan Carter - Stayin' Up All Night Album

    1. Wanna Dance
    2. Temple Bar
    3. Skinny Dippin
    4. Island Town
    5. Wontcha Come Down
    6. Buy Me A Rose
    7. Liverpool
    8. Two Doors Down
    9. Young To See
    10. Good Time Girls
    11. Don't Know Lonely
    12. Banks Of The Roses
    13. Thank You
  • Nathan Carter - Christmas Stuff

    1. Christmas Stuff
    2. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
    3. The Christmas Song
    4. Sleigh Ride
    5. The Star Still Shines
    6. Christmas Medley - Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer/Let It Snow/Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree/White Christmas
    7. Oh Holy Night
    8. Winter Wonderland
    9. When A Child Is Born
    10. Blue Christmas
    11. Christmas Kiss
    12. Silent Night
  • Nathan Carter - Beautiful Life

    1. Wagon Wheel
    2. Where I Wanna Be
    3. Caledonia
    4. Boat To Liverpool
    5. Beautiful Life
    6. Call You Home
    7. Saw You Running
    8. Lay Down Beside Me
    9. One For The Road
    10. On The Other Side
    11. Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
    12. Drift Away
    13. Welcome To The Weekend
    14. Good Morning Beautiful
  • Nathan Carter - Born For The Road (The Story So Far)

    Nathan Carter has become Ireland's biggest country music star. He is heralded by many as reviving the country music genre and bringing it into the mainstream. He has sold out venues across the UK and Ireland, has landed his own primetime show, and is loved and respected by legions of fans across Ireland. But how did a lad from Liverpool accomplish all this before the age of 27? In his revealing and inspirational autobiography, Nathan reminisces about his music filled childhood, and growing up in Merseyside with his Liverpool-Irish family. From his first taste of showbiz at the tender age of four, to his success on the north of England club circuit and his subsequent relocation to Donegal, Nathan explores the twists of fate that took him to chart success and to become Ireland's adopted poster boy for country music.
  • ┬áNathan Carter - Live From 3Arena Dublin (CD)

    1. Intro
    2. Two Doors Down
    3. Living The Dream
    4. Good Time Girls
    5. Wanna Dance
    6. Fishing In The Dark
    7. Liverpool
    8. Temple Bar
    9. Rare Auld Times
    10. Glen Campbell Medley
    11. Skinny Dipping
    12. Let The Good Times Roll
    13. Jealous Of The Angels
    14. Kenny Rogers Medley
    15. The Irish Rover
    16. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    17. Wagon Wheel
    18. Shut Up And Dance

  • Nathan Carter - Wagon Wheel Live CD

    1. The Games People Play 2. Buck Owens Medley 3. Time Of Your Life 4. Walk Right Back 5. Beatles Medley 6. Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart 7. Lay Down Beside Me 8. From A Jack To A King 9. Where Do You Go To My Lovely 10. Long Time Gone 11. Home To Aherlow 12. Go Rest High On That Mountain 13. One Night At A Time 14. Fishing In The Dark 15. The Town I Love So Well 16. Party Mix 17. Irish Medley 18. One For The Road