Lisa McHugh – Lisa Live CD

Lisa McHugh – Lisa Live CD


Lisa McHugh – Lisa Live (CD)

  1. Hillbilly Girl
  2. Rose Of Allendale
  3. Why Have You Left The One
  4. He’s A Good Ole Boy
  5. 26 Cent
  6. Queens Of Country Medley
  7. What You Get Is What You See
  8. Blue Smoke
  9. Waltz Of The Angels
  10. Stuck Like Glue
  11. I’m A Little Bit Lonely
  12. There Were Roses
  13. Mean
  14. Why’d Ya Come In Here
  15. Garth Brooks Medley
  16. Applejack
  17. Run (Unheard Bonus Track)


Lisa McHugh CD live in concert is now available to have on CD as well as DVD. Featuring 16 tracks recorded live at the Armagh Market Theatre and also including a special bonus tracks never before heard recorded in Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin!


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