Jack Keogh – Sing My Songs

Jack Keogh – Sing My Songs


Jack Keogh – Sing My Songs

1 – Sing My Songs
2 – Angel Of The Night
3 – Chattahoochie
4 – American Country Medley
5 – Dreaming Of You
6 – Catherine Ann
7 – 100 Numbers
8 – When The Robins Come Home
9 – This House A Home
10 – Blackboard Of My Heart


At the tender age of 14, County Wicklow native Jack left an indelible mark with his debut song “Dreaming of You.” This song swiftly climbed the ranks and still resonates today with over 2 million streams on Spotify.

Jack’s music is a heartfelt tribute to his idols, including Johnny McEvoy, Luke Kelly, and The Dubliners, while also following the footsteps of contemporary Irish singers like Mike Denver, Jimmy Buckley, and Michael English. His musical journey began with a family gifted recording session, leading to his first hit that still regularly graces radio airwaves (“Dreaming Of You”).


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