Paddy O’Brien – Classics

Paddy O’Brien – Classics


Paddy O’Brien – Classics

I knew My Day Would Come * I Knew My Day Would Come * If I Didn’t Have A Dime * Swiss Maid * Don’t Trade Your Love * I Guess I’ll Feel The Same * Amazing Love * Holding Things Together * Second Fiddle *Oh! Carolina * Good Chance Of Tearfall Tonight * El Paso * Dim Lights,Thick Smoke, & Loud Loud Music * Can’t Touch The Sun * Bad Moon Rising * Angel Judy * Molly Darling

Making Friends * We Split The Blanket * Pass Me By * Shores Of Amerikay * Summer Back In Ireland * Life Goes Slowly By * Ireland, I Love Every Inch Of You * Yodellin’ Around (From Town To Town) * We Were Made For Each Other * I Can’t Quite Believe (That You’ve Stopped Loving Me) * Santo Domingo * The Little White Cross * Darlin’ Wait Til’ Morning * Waterford Is Waiting For Me * I’m Casting My Lassoo

Still Got A Crush On You * Walkin’ Talkin’ Cryin’ Barely Beating Broken Heart * Happy Anniversary * The Ring Your Mother Wore * Still Got A Crush On You * I Took A Memory To Lunch * I Just Want To Sing My Song * When The Harvest Moon Is Shining, Molly Dear * The Land Where The Slaney Flows * Carmen * Fraulein * Back Home In Ireland * I’ll Always Love You


3 classic Paddy O’Brien albums


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