Ireland In Song DVD

Ireland In Song DVD


Ireland In Song

Description: 1. Hello Patsy Fagan (A Drop In Your Hand) 2. Mountain Dew (A Drop In Your Hand) 3. Harvest Home (A Drop In Your Hand) 4. Murshin Durkin (A Drop In Your Hand) 5. Isle Of Innisfree (Frankie McBride) 6. Galway Shawl (Sally O’Brien) 7. Any Tipperary Town (Sally O’Brien) 8. Home Of Donegal (Sally O’Brien) 9. The Boys Of County Armagh (Sally O’Brien) 10. Sally Gardens (A Drop In Your Hand) 11. High Reel (A Drop In Your Hand) 12. Fields Of Athenry (T.R. Dallas) 13. Shake Hands With Your Uncle Mike (Bridie Gallagher) 14. Hannigan’s Hooley (Bridie Gallagher) 15. If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlour (Bridie Gallagher) 16. Black Velvet Band (Dano Hara) 17. Killarney In My Dreams (Conor McKay) 18. The Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon (Bonnie Stewart) 19. Ringsend Rose (Bonnie Stewart) 20. Gentle Mother (Bonnie Stewart) 21. The Old Log Cabin (Bonnie Stewart) 22. How Can You Buy Killarney? (Pan Pipes) 23. Mother McCree (Pan Pipes) 24. Toora Loora (Pan Pipes)


24 Irish songs you know and love


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