Bonnie Stewart – The Video Collection

Bonnie Stewart – The Video Collection


Bonnie Stewart – The Video Collection

DVD1 12 Country & Irish Songs * Love Me Tonight * There’s Nothing Left To Say * Someday You’ll Love Me * The Best Friend That I Ever Had * The Pain Of Loving You * I Still Miss Someone * Joyce County Ceili Band * I’d Live My Life Over With You * Come Love Me Tonight * Here In The Real World * Teach Your Children Well * Do Me With Love

DVD2 15 Country & Irish Classics * Mama Sang Along * Save The Last Dance For Me * Rose Of Castlerea * Moonlight In Mayo * We Were Made For Each Other * Ring Our Mother Wore * Golden Dreams * Silver Threads Among The Gold * Banks Of Ohio * Rose Of Allendale * Cottage On The Borderline * Mother’s Chair * Wings Of A Snow White Dove * Lovely Leitrim Shore * Till Each Tear You Cry Becomes A Rose

DVD3 Country & Irish Classic * Sing Me An Old-Fashioned Song * Sailor * Darlin’ * Black Hills Of Dakota * Back Home Again * Rose Of My Heart (Duet With Brendan Mcgarrity) * A Country Girl Like Me * The Farmer’s Daughter * Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose(With Brendan) * Sing Me A Country Song * The Old Man * We Were Made For Each Other (With Brendan) * The Wind In The Willows * Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon * Ringsend Rose * Gentle Mother * The Old Log Cabin * Save The Last Dance For Me (With Brendan) * Banbridge Town In Co. Down * Galway Bay * A Gentleman I Call Dad * Blue Moon Of Kentucky * When My Blue Moon * Turns To Gold Again * Dim Light, Thick Smoke * River Road * Ashes Of Love

DVD4 Some Old Some New * Act Naturally * Rosslare Harbour * Galway Girl * Homes Of Donegal * Country Girl Again * Seven Spanish Angels * I Will Stand By You * Green Glens Of Antrim * The Gypsy * Have You Ever Been Lonely * I Won’t Take Less * Sing Me An Old-Fashioned Song * Boston Burglar * To Daddy * Where I Belong


4 DVD Set over 2 Discs.


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