Farmer Dan

  • Farmer Dan - The Tractor Boys

    1. First Impressions
    2. Mama's Farm
    3. Oh No Not You Again
    4. The Farm No Longer Pays
    5. On This Your Special Day
    6. My Mother
    7. The Old Barn
    8. The Village Fool
    9. On The Market
    10. Life Goes So Fast
    11. Where Does The God Times Go
    12. The Passing Of Time
    13. Eaten Bread Is Soon Forgotten
    14. Seven Miles (To Your House)
    15. Donkey Talkin' Fool
    16. Slip The Clutch
    17. The Tractor Boys
  • Farmer Dan - Party In The Barn

    1. Party In The Barn
    2. The Road To A Friends House
    3. Star Wars In Donegal
    4. Home
    5. The Slimming Song
    6. Down On The Farm
    7. Truck Driving Man
    8. The Tinkers Poitin
    9. In My Next Life
    10. Drunk Drivers Queen
    11. What A Beautiful Day
    12. Colleen Malone
    13. The Roots Of My Raising
    14. A Farmer With A Digger
    15. I Am Farmer Dan
  • Farmer Dan - Where's The Pothole Patrol

    1. Where's The Pothole Patrol
    2. The Farmer Wants A Wife
    3. Eastbound And Down
    4. A Heart That Will Never Break Again
    5. Scania 164
    6. The Streets Of Promise
    7. When Country Came To Town To Find A Wife
    8. The Working Man
    9. On The Road Again
    10. Waltz Of The Angels
    11. The Truckers Wallet
    12. The Ballyshannon Buckaroo
    13. Cinderella's Gonna Have Herself A Ball
    14. The California Cotton Fields
    15. I Useta Love Her
    16. The Man Who Loved Me First
    17. Country Hits Medley: The Gambler - Blanket On The Ground & Country Roads
  • Farmer Dan - 17 Hit Songs

    1. The Tinkers Life
    2. Where Did You Meet Her
    3. Food On The Table
    4. The Best Part Of The Day Is The Night
    5. Tommy K The DJ
    6. The Connemara Marble Ring
    7. The Travellers Daughter
    8. Hit The Diff
    9. My Irish Homestead
    10. Rosie Please Don't Cry
    11. The Frying Pan Song
    12. The Massy 135
    13. A House A Home
    14. The blackboard Of My Heart
    15. Hanging Out, Hanging In
    16. I Cry Everytime I Leave Ireland
    17. Friday At The Dance
  • Farmer Dan The John Deere Letter Farmer Dan The John Deere Letter
    1. Stony Mountain West Virginia
    2. The Roots Of My Raising
    3. The John Deere Letter
    4. In My Next Life
    5. Down On The Farm
    6. The Farmers Waltz
    7. Rip It Up
    8. Back Home TO County Down
    9. I'm In The Doghouse
    10. Friday Night Rockin'
    11. Take My Hand
    12. If I Could Only Have You One Last Time
    13. The New Going Out Is Staying In
    14. The Dance
    15. When You Get To Heaven/Cottage In The Country
    16. Those John Deere Tractor Keys
    17. Stand On It Truckin' Man
    18. Daddy Played The Banjo
  • Farmer Dan - God Bless The Farmer God Bless The Farmer
    Twenty-One Acres Of Land
    It's Summertime In Ireland
    Our Loves Another Bridge To Burn
    Happy Street
    The Blacksmith
    I'm Walkin On New Grass
    Green Green Grass Of Home
    Three Pubs In Bahola
    If You Should Come Back Today
    Give Me An Aberdeen Angus
    It's Me Old Boneshaker
    Sing Me Back Home
    Daniel Put The Kettle On
    Rose Of My Heart
    Lotto Dreaming
    Long Black Limousine
    Farming In His Soul
  • Farmer Dan - My Little Massey 1.Here Comes Farmer Dan 2. My Little Massey Ferguson 3. Me and My Dungspreader 4. The Dole Song 5. Isle of Innishfree, Forty Shades of Green 6. I Believe in Marriage 7. The Transit Van 8. Country Pride 9. County Down, I'm Coming Home 10. The Mad Cow Song 11. The Welly Boots 12. The Farmer's Daughter 13. Who Puts the Milk on the Table 14. Your Old Lobby, The Wild Rover, The Moonshiner 15. The Rooster Song 16. The Donegal Emigrant 17. Catch Me If You Can, I'm Farmer Dan