Farmer Dan – The Jolly Farmer

1. Me Little Ferguson
2. The Clock On The Wall
3. The Auctioneer
4. Flash The Lights At Me
5. I’m A Savage For Bacon And Cabbage
6. My Homestead In Mayo
7. Murphys Dancing Pig
8. The Grundy County Auction
9. Skiffle Medley: Putting On The Style, My Old Mans A Dustman, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour, Have A Drink On Me, Pick A Bale O Cotton
10. The Poor Ould Irish Farmer
11. The Saturday Morning Auction
12. Those Great Cheviot Sheep
13. Back Home To The Days Of Yesteryear
14. The Rose Of Castlerea
15. The Jolly Farmer