Farmer Dan – The Man Who Drank The Farm

1. The Farmer Wants A Wife
2. You Just Can’t Take The Good And Leave The Bad
3. Come Down The Mountain Katy Daly
4. Your Health Is Your Wealth
5. I’m Having A Bit Tonight
6. Let’s Go Back
7. The FAT Song (Slimming Song)
8. And You Never Learned To Dance
9. Four Country Roads
10. You Picked A Fine Time To Try For A Feel
11. Grandfather’s Clock
12. Old Hands Holding Hands
13. Papa’s Wagon
14. Your As Welcome As The Flowers In May
15. Her Sweet Home Hilltown
16. In The Little Shirt My Mammy Made For Me
17. Mama Sang Along
18. The Story I Tell You Is True
19. The Man Who Drank The Farm