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  • Nathan Carter - Irish Heartland

    1.Belfast 2.Nancy Spain 3.Mountains of Mourne 4.The Lass At DonnyBrook Fair (Feat. Finbar Furey) 5.Banks Of The Roses 6.Rare Ould Times 7.Trouble In The Fields 8.Temple Bar 9.Grace 10.Ireland 11.Beeswing 12.Winnie O'Neill 13.Dan O'Hara 14.Island Town 15.On The Boat To Liverpool 16.Ned of the Hill 17.Heart Of The Home (feat. Cherish The Ladies) 18.May The Road Rise (feat. The High Kings)  
  • Derek Ryan - The Hits

    1. Hold On To Your Hat (feat. Sharon Shannon)
    2. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
    3. Down On Your Uppers
    4. God's Plan
    5. It's Friday
    6. Dreamers & Believers
    7. Bendigo
    8. Life Is A River
    9. The Wrong Side Of Sober (feat. Roly Daniles)
    10. Kiss Me Mary
    11. Won't Ya Come Down (To Yarmouth Town)
    12. Made Of Gold
    13. Heaven Tonight (feat. Goitse)
    14. 100 Numbers
    15. Patsy Fagan
    16. Honey Honey (feat. Lisa McHugh)
    17. The Belle Of Liverpool
    18. To Waltz With My Mother Again
    19. Ya Can't Stay Here
    20. If You're Gonna Be Bad (Be Good At It)
    21. Only Getting Started (feat. Cliona Hagan)
  • Lisa McHugh – The Best So Far

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Lisa McHugh - The Best So Far

    1. Apple Jack
    2. What You Get Is What You See
    3. She's In Love With The Boy
    4. I'm A Little Bit Lonely
    5. Mean
    6. Blue Smoke
    7. 26 Cents
    8. Why'd Ya Come In Here
    9. You Can't Make Old Friends (Feat. Nathan Carter)
    10. Bye Bye
    11. Who I Am
    12. Hillbilly Girl
    13. Why Have You Left The One
    14. There Were Roses
    15. Y'All Come
    16. Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels
    17. Daddy's Little Girl
    18. Honey Honey (Feat. Derek Ryan)
    19. Peggy Gordan (Feat. Malachi Cush)
    20. Country Girl
  • The Whistlin' Donkeys - Sung Like A Donkey

    1. Can't Help Falling In Love
    2. Star Of The County Down
    3. Trouble With A Capital T
    4. It Ain't Me Babe
    5. Bee's Wing
    6. Pretty Fair Maid
    7. Raglan Road
    8. Ocean's
    9. The Way It Is
    10. Irish Rover
    11. South Australia
    12. Fairytale Of New York
  • Big Tom - The Pleasure Has Been Mine

    CD1 1. I’m Grateful (Previously Unreleased) 2. God Must Be a Cowboy (Previously Unreleased) 3. The Old Swimming Hole (Previously Unreleased) 4. The Wind On The Hill (Previously Unreleased) 5. A Love That’s Lasted Through The Years (Duet with Margo) 6. Teardrops In The Snow 7. Wild And Wicked World 8. Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die 9. You're the Perfect Picture 10. Deep Water 11. We Sure Danced Us Some Good Ones 12. The Pleasure Has Been Mine (Previously Unreleased) CD2 - Live in Derry 1. Lonesome At Your Table (Live) 2. Four Country Roads (Live) 3. Gentle Mother (Live) 4. Texas When I Die (Live) 5. Rose Of The Mountain (Live) 6. Back to Castleblayney (Live) 7. When The Roses Bloom Again (Live) 8. Never Grow Old (Live) 9. One More Christmas With You (Live) 10. The Same Way You Came In (Live) 11. I Love You Still / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / You Are My Sunshine (Live)
  • Mike Denver - Enjoy Yourself

    1. Memories Are Made Of This
    2. Nancy Mulligan
    3. Hey God
    4. Walk With Me
    5. Billy Can't Read
    6. Galway Tae
    7. Don't Mess With My Toot Toot
    8. My Beautiful Wife
    9. Enjoy Yourself
    10. Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
    11. Dreaming My Dreams
    12. I Want You To Want Me
    13. The Long Goodbye
    14. San Bernadino
    15. Country Medley
  • Mike Denver - Workin' Man

    1. The Craic Was 90 In The Isle Of Man
    2. Workin' Man
    3. What Goes On
    4. The Streets Of London
    5. The Twist
    6. Grace
    7. There's A Kind Of Hush
    8. How Long Will I Love You
    9. Mrs Robinson
    10. Love Is All Around
    11. Alone With You
    12. Long Before Your Time
    13. The Taker
  • The Whistlin Donkeys - Live At The Mandela Hall

    1. Star Of The County Down
    2. The Gambler
    3. Galway Girl
    4. Set Of Jigs & Reels
    5. Travelling Soldier
    6. Dirty Old Town
    7. McAlpine's Fusiliers
    8. Grace
    9. Whiskey In The Jar
    10. South Australia
    11. Maniac 2000
  • Cliona Hagan - Secret Love

    1. The Wilder Your Heart Beats
    2. Imagine That
    3. McCarthy’s Party
    4. Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You)
    5. Another Chance
    6. Head Over Boots
    7. More Where That Come From
    8. The Band Played An Old Time Waltz
    9. Secret Love
    10. Stop Cheatin’ On Me
    11. I’m Movin On
    12. Handle With Care
    13. Born To Run
    14. Country Found Me
  • Owen Mac - Thanks To You

    1.Life is What You Make It 2.Nobodys Child 3.Puppy Love 4.Music In My Heart 5.Jesus Is Living In Me (Duet with Dessie Mac) 6.Danny Boy 7.Please Dont Tease 8.Love Me Tender 9.I Believe 10.Thanks To You 11.Blue Moon Over My World
  • Cliona Hagan - Travelling Shoes (The Video Collection)

    1. Born To Run
    2. I Need Someone To Hold Me When I Cry
    3. The Cowboy Yodel
    4. Only Getting Started (Feat. Derek Ryan)
    5. Straight To You
    6. Stop Cheatin' On Me
    7. We're All Gonna Die Someday
    8. Stuck Like Glue
    9. Crazy Over You (Feat. Michael English)
    10. McCarthy's Party
    11. 1-2-3
    12. Hallelujah
    13. Get Your Red Neck On
    14. Irish Eyes Smiling At Christmas
  • Donna Taggart - Celtic Lady Volume 2

    1. Donegal Rain
    2. The Lucky One
    3. All The Lies
    4. Hard Times
    5. Jealous Of The Angels
    6. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    7. Living In These Troubled Times
    8. Changed
    9. Peggy Gordon
    10. When The Right One Comes Along
    11. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
    12. Thorn Upon The Rose
    13. I Will Carry You