Pecker Dunne – The Tinkerman

Pecker Dunne – The Tinkerman


Pecker Dunne – The Tinkerman

1. Donegal Danny

2. Cochy Farmer

3. Sullivan’s John

4. McAlpine’s Fusiliers

5. Cuckoo Hornpipe / Reels: Mountian Road, Silgo Maid

6. Darcy Farrell

7. Tinker’s Lullaby

8. Come My Little Son

9. Down In The Gutter

10. Jigs: Saddle The Pony/ Irish Washerwoman

11. Wexford12. Peggy Gordon

13. Farewell To Life Of The Rover

14. The Last Of The Travelling People

15. An Coulin / Mason’s Apron

16. Dirty Old Town



16 great songs from Pecker Dunne!


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