Mike Denver – Country Gold

Mike Denver – Country Gold


Mike Denver – Country Gold

  1. Here I am in Love Again
  2. Geraldine’s Thinking of Galway
  3. Ruby (don’t take your love to town)
  4. Messenger Boy
  5. I Do
  6. Too Old To Die Young
  7. My Darling Kathleen
  8. Back in ’68
  9. Release Me
  10. Syllivia’s Mother
  11. Pay Me My Money Down
  12. Home
  13. Let’s Go Waltzing Together
  14. Every Time You Walk In The Room
  15. Sentimental Irish
  16. I Can’t Stop Loving You
  17. Heaven In My Women’s Eyes
  18. The Ring Your Mother Wore
  19. You’re Stepping All Over My Heart
  20. I Want To Be Your Man (Forever)
  21. If You Think You’re Lonely
  22. The Chain Of Love
  23. Seasons In The Sun
  24. Got A Funny Feeling
  25. Honey
  26. Julieanne
  27. Why?
  28. Feelin’ Kinda Lonely Tonight
  29. The Real Deal (Duet with George Jones)
  30. Remember Me
  31. Happy Birthday Baby
  32. You Can’t Divide a Heart
  33. Every Day Is A Beautiful Day
  34. Old Fiddle Time
  35. The Dance
  36. As Happy As We Were
  37. The Real Deal


37 Tracks on 3 CD Box Set. Mike Denver Country Gold.


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