Mary Duff – Changing Lanes

Mary Duff – Changing Lanes


Mary Duff – Changing Lanes

  1. Mr Noble
  2. Looking Forward To The Past
  3. Askin’ Too Damn Much
  4. What HeartCan Do
  5. Just Not Enough
  6. Can’t Find A Reason
  7. Somewhere In The Heart Of Texas
  8. Happy
  9. I Feel You Everywhere
  10. I Am A Woman
  11. Somebody Will
  12. Breathe With Me
  13. Changing Lanes
  14. Anymore


Changing Lanes is an aural journey from Country to Urban Easy through to Adult Contemporary. In other words it changes lanes! The title track is written especially for the project by the much talked about young Irish rising star, Jordan Mogey and is given another coat of performance paint by the contribution of one of the world’s leading classical guitarists Pat Coldrick.



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