Johnny McEvoy-Celebration

Johnny McEvoy-Celebration


Johnny McEvoy-Celebration

CD 1

1. Mursheen Durkin

2. Those Brown Eyes

3. Nora

4. Boston Burglar

5. Long Before Your Time

6. Carrickfergus

7. Amy Johnson

8. Take Me By The Hand

9. Dreams That Come Easy

10. Where My Eileen Is Waiting

11. If Wishes Were Fishes

12. You Never Learned To Dance

13. The Famine Song

14. Roseville Fair

15. When The Rain Comes


CD 2

1. You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore

2. Leaves In The Wind

3. Pat Murphy’s Meadow

4. When We Danced To An Old Fashioned Tune

5. As Soon As I Can

6. Nancy Myles

7. The Homes Of Donegal

8. John Williams

9. Staten Island

10. Rich Man’s Garden

11. Ballad Of Ann Frank

12. Run Around Angel

13. Long Way From The Sun

14. Love Me Once Again

15. Michael

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30 of his finest recordings on a 2 cd set


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