Isla Grant-By Request

Isla Grant-By Request


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Isla Grant-By Request
  • CD 1

    1 A Dream Come True

    2 Lovely Lough Conn

    3 Cottage In The Country

    4 Childhood Memories

    5 Fiddle On The Wall

    6 Simply Being You

    7 The Keeper Of My Heart

    8 Leaves In The Wind

    9 Over The Years

    10 Every Moment Of Every Hour


    CD 2

    1 Mother

    2 One More Time

    3 Spending Time With Friends

    4 My World Revolves Around You

    5 Life’s Storybook Cover

    6 Look Me Straight In The Eye

    7 My Homeland

    8 There’s A Storm Brewing

    9 You’re Always There For Me

    10 Will You Love Me


    CD 3

    1 We’ll Meet Again My Friend

    2 Island Of Memories

    3 Flying High

    4 Within My Fathers Arms

    5 How Many Times

    6 Living In My Mind

    7 There’s Nothing New I’m Missing You

    8 Dark Deep Rolling Water

    9 Many Reasons

    10 My Home In Moneymore

1 in stock


30 great songs on a 3 cd set


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