Horslips – The Tain (VINYL)

Horslips – The Tain (VINYL)



Track 1 Setanta
Track 2 Maeve’s Court
Track 3 Charolais
Track 4 The March
Track 5 You Can’t Fool the Beast
Track 6 Dearg Doom
Track 7 Ferdia’s Song
Track 8 Gae Bolga
Track 9 Cu Chulainn’s Lament
Track 10 Faster Than the Hound
Track 11 Silver Spear
Track 12 More Than You Can Chew
Track 13 The Morrigan’s Dream
Track 14 Time to Kill


‘The Tain’ was amongst the band’s most successful albums, originally released in 1973, it was a concept album built on Irish mythological sources.


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