Horslips – Live at the O2

Horslips – Live at the O2


Horslips – Live at the O2

1. King of the Fairies
2. The Power and the Glory
3. Mad Pat
4. Blindman
5. Wrath of the Rain
6. Furniture
7. The High Reel
8. Faster Than the Hound
9. The Piper in the Meadows Straying
10. Long Weekend
11. Rescue Me
12. Maeve’s Court
13. Charolais
14. Daybreak
15. Drive the Cold Winter Away
16. Ride to Hell
17. Sideways to the Sun
18. Sword of Light

1. Flirting in the Shadows
2. Ghosts
3. Speed the Plough
4. Sure the Boy Was Green
5. I’ll Be Waiting
6. The Man Who Built America
7. Trouble (With a Capital T)
8. Dearg Doom
9. Lonlieness
10. Warm Sweet Breath of Love
11. Shakin’ All Over

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Legendary Irish Band The Horslips live from The 02


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