Henry McMahon – Henry’s Hits

Henry McMahon – Henry’s Hits


Henry McMahon – Henry’s Hits

  1. The GNR Steam Train – Big Tom
  2. The Marquee In Drumlish – Declan Nerney
  3. The Nearest To Perfect – Michael English
  4. Your Wedding Day – Jimmy Buckley
  5. Way Back Then – Philomena Begley
  6. Ballad Of Henry Ford – Thomas Maguire
  7. Footsteps In The Roses – Margo
  8. You Gotta Get Up In The Morning – Declan Nerney
  9. The Pet Calf – John Glenn
  10. Truckers Wallet – Jimmy Buckley
  11. An Irish Nurse – Big Tom
  12. Mama Courtney – Robert Mizzell
  13. The Lucky Horseshoe – Gerry Guthrie
  14. The Ballad Of 90 Eggs – Henry McMahon


Never before has a Songwriter had such an influence on the Irish Country music scene as Henry Mc Mahon, he has penned hits for
Big Tom, Declan Nerney, Jimmy Buckley, Michael English plus many more.

14 of his biggest hits are available on this Cd all original recording with Ireland top Stars. Special Easter offer from Sharpe Music £10.00


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