Frank Kilbride – Turning Back The Years

Frank Kilbride – Turning Back The Years


Turning Back The Years

1.  The Sunnyside Of The Mountain

2.  Cabin Home On The Hill

3.  Couple More Years

4.  Turn Back The Years

5.  What Ireland Means To Me

6.  If Teardrops Were Pennies (duet with June McLoughlin)

7.  God Bless Ireland (duet with June McLoughlin)

8.  Nobody’s Darling

9.  My Native Town Drumlish

10. The Green Fields Of Ireland

11. Two Loves

12. Longford In Blue And Gold

13. Where The Three Counties

14. I Still Miss Someone

15. No Man’s Land

16. Love Goes To Hell

17. The Drunken Driver (monologue)

18. John F. Kennedy

19. O Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble (live)

20. The Drunk Driver Song




20 great songs on Turning Back The Years


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