Eddie Gallagher – 3CD Set

Eddie Gallagher – 3CD Set


Eddie Gallagher – 2 New Albums Plus The Classic “Boat To Liverpool” Album

  1. Walking On The Waves
  2. China Doll
  3. Give My Love To Rose
  4. The Only Fire That Burns
  5. Second Hand Heart
  6. A Couple More Years
  7. Fighting Side Of Me
  8. The Dancer
  9. Paddy And The Yank
  10. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
  11. Her House On The Hill
  12. Streets Of Promise



  1. You Cared For Someone
  2. Sweetest Of All
  3. Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You
  4. Pretty Brown Eyes
  5. Will You Travel Down This Road With Me
  6. Turn Out The Lights (And Love Me Tonight)
  7. Til My Prison Time Is Through
  8. Red River Valley
  9. I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me
  10. In My Heart



CD Three

  1. Can I Take Your Daughters Hand
  2. Lucky Horseshoe
  3. Life Is A River
  4. Forgiving You Was Easy
  5. Old Love Letters
  6. Run Around Angel
  7. Someone From Home
  8. On The Boat To Liverpool
  9. Part Of Me
  10. Leighann Loves To Dance
  11. Out To California
  12. The Lights Of Home


Eddie Gallagher returns with 2 New Albums Plus The Classic “Boat To Liverpool” Album


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