Dolores Keane – Anthology

Dolores Keane – Anthology


Dolores Keane – Anthology

Anthology is a 3CD set featuring a specially curated selection of 50 of recordings from Dolores Keane’s extensive repertoire and highlights her musical journey from traditional to a more contemporary style. Early recordings with De Dannan and The Reel Union are included together with her most iconic solo performances many of which are featured on A Woman’s Heart compilations. Other highlights include duets and collaborations with John Prine, Mary Black and Emmylou Harris ,Tommy Sands ,Sean Keane and Eleanor Shanley and Sharon Shannon.


Celebrating 70 Years of Dolores Keane

The 3 CD set will contain tracks spanning her long recording career and includes her solo hits along with her collaborations with De Danann and other artists such as Sean Keane, Tommy Sands, John Prine, John Faulkner and many more.


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