Daniel O’Donnell – Early Memories

Daniel O’Donnell – Early Memories


Daniel O’Donnell – Early Memories

1-1 Bed Of Roses
1-2 Forever You’ll Be Mine
1-3 Excuse Me (I Think You’ve Got A Heartache)
1-4 Halo Of Gold
1-5 The Streets Of Baltimore
1-6 Geisha Girl
1-7 Life To Go
1-8 That’s A Sad Affair
1-9 Bringing Mary Home
1-10 Crying My Heart Out Over You
1-11 My Old Pal
1-12 Our House Is A Home
1-13 Your Old Love Letters
1-14 21 Years
1-15 Highway 40 Blues
1-16 I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could

2-1 Home Sweet Home
2-2 The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee
2-3 Home Is Where The Heart Is
2-4 Dublin In The Rare Auld Times
2-5 The Green Hills Of Sligo
2-6 Green Glens Of Antrim
2-7 Blue Hills Of Breffni
2-8 The Latchyco
2-9 Hometown On The Foyle
2-10 These Are My Mountains
2-11 My Donegal Shore
2-12 The Mountains Of Mourne
2-13 I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
2-14 Forty Shades Of Green
2-15 Galway Bay
2-16 An Exile’s Dream


32 great songs on this 2 cd set


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