Brid Harper – Brid Harper

Brid Harper – Brid Harper


Brid Harper – Brid Harper

  1. The Flower of Sweet Strabane / Greenfields of Glentown / Farewell To Ireland / The Flower of Sweet Strabane
  2. The Warbling Robin / Alec Menzies / The Steeplechase
  3. Jig for Yvette / Lad O’Beirne’s No2 / The New Whistle
  4. Jig for Johnny / Finn from Fairymount
  5. Bó Mhín na Toitean / The Tartan on the Heather / Johnny Boyle’s Jig / The Atlantic Roar
  6. Knotted Chord / The Coast of Austria / First Century Reel
  7. The Diamond / Reel Joe Bouchard
  8. Ciaran’s Reel / Black Pat’s
  9. The Road to Hughie’s / The Beech Tree
  10. Edward on Loch Erne’s Shore / Larry Reynold’s Fancy / Sheba’s Jig
  11. Mrs Carroll’s Strathspey / Marquis of Huntly / Beautiful Gortree
  12. The Maid of Mount Kisco / The Jovial Journalist / Con McGinely’s / Denis Lanctot’s


Debut album featuring a variety of tune types in a range of solo, duet and group combinations.


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