Brendan Grace – Pure Gold (DVD)

Brendan Grace – Pure Gold (DVD)


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Brendan Grace – Pure Gold

1. A Tidy Chihuahua

2. Signs Of Old Age

3. Drunks

4. Having A Bad Day

5. Bottler In Class

6. Mrs Murphys Elephant

7. Dr Zhivago And Lilly

8. My Grandfathers Last Wish

9. Bottlers Impressions

10. The Chinese Takeaway

11. Bottler Is Very Busy

12. Directions

13. A Yank On The Train

14. Bottlers Hot Dogs

15. Communal Bed

16. Mrs Pots Pit

17. The Balloon Family

18. Mother In Law

19. A Stay In Hospital

20. Doda

21. Mattie And The Evangelist

22. Children Today

23. The Irish Wedding

24. The Eternity Ward

25. Mammies

26. Granny And The Parrot

27. Agnes And Lilly

Out of stock

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Brendan Grace and Over 1 Hour of His Greatest Comedy Sketches.


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