Brandon McPhee – (A ‘Starr’ Is Born) Ten Years On

Brandon McPhee – (A ‘Starr’ Is Born) Ten Years On


Brandon McPhee – Ten Years On

1) Atholl Highlanders/Rakes of Kildare/Teviot Brig/Ness Bothan
2) Loch Ruan/Leslie Angus/Thomas Sanders
3) Memories of Willie Snaith of Hexham
4) Whistling Rufus
5) Glens of Angus/Bonnie Gallowa/Highland Cradle Song/My Mother
6) Dashing White Sergeant/The Mason’s Apron/CTS Express/Reconciliation
7) Shetland Two Step
8) Jacqueline Waltz
9) Scotland The Brave/Mharis Wedding/Thistle of Scotland
10) The Bluebell Polka
11) Dawn’s Waltz/Frank & Moira Stephen’s Ruby Wedding
12) Under The Double Eagle
13) Fraser and Kevin McGlynn/John Macmillan of Barra
14) Home on the Range
15. Flying Scotsman


Ten Years On From Brandon’s A Starr Is Born album – hear how Brandon has progressed and grown up as a player!


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