Various Artists – Hot Country TV

///Various Artists – Hot Country TV

Various Artists – Hot Country TV


Hot Country TV – 100 Great Songs

CD1 * Honey (Mike Denver) * Old Father Time (Big Tom) * Welcome To The Weekend (Nathan Carter) * Dancing In The Moonlight (Derek Ryan) * Honey (Mike Denver) * Old Father Time (Big Tom) * Welcome To The Weekend (Nathan Carter) * Dancing In The Moonlight (Derek Ryan) * Bring On The Good Times (Lisa Mchugh) * Friday At The Dance (Michael English) * Rosie Donoghue (Declan Nerney) * When I Lay Me Down (Mick Flavin) * New Patches (Jimmy Buckley) * Red Haired Mary (Patrick Feeney) * Mama Courtney (Robert Mizzell) * I’ll Bet My Heart On You (Louise Morrissey) * The Lucky Horse Shoe (Gerry Guthrie) * Thank You (Trudi Lawlor) * Jealous Heart (Billy Mcfarland) * Up The Jive (Barry Kirwan) * Happy Heart (Cliona Hagan) * The Farmer Wants A Wife (Lee Matthews) * Thibodeaux And His Cajun (Paddy O’Brien) * A Few Ole Country Boys Mick (Flavin & Kevin Logue) * Tekeli / The Devil In Dublin / Reel Of Mey / Nora Crionna (Brandon Mcphee) * An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse (Hugo Duncan) * Texas (Eileen King) * Let’s Make A Difference (Margo) * Big Tom Dosen’t Play Here Anymore (TR Dallas)

CD2 * On The Eight Day (Andy Cooney) * Milkmans’s Eyes (Brandon Mcphee) * Everytime I Think It’s Over (Kathy Crinion) * Songwriter (John Furry) * The Conquerors Featuring Frankie Colohan (Frank Plays Hank) * The One I’m Holding Now (Ally Harron & Marion Curry) * Turn It On Turn It Up (Keelan) * Carry Me Away (Hannah Anders) * Hot Burning Flames (Matt Leavy) * On The Dole (Seamus Moore & Tom Power) * When I Grow Up (Simon Peters) * Love Is AU That Matters (Shaun Loughrey) * The Craic (Johnny Brady & Max T Barnes) * Pour Me (Honkytonk Angels) * If There’s A God In Heaven (Jordan Mogey) * The Key’s In The Mailbox (Manson Grant) * The Road Back (Justin Mcgurk) * I’m Going To Be A Country Girl Again (Larissa Tormey) * One Day At A Time (Carmel Silver) * Bachelors In Trouble (Johnny Boden) * Sweetheart Darling Of Mine (Caitlin) * Poor Boy (Aidan Quinn) * While I Was Makin Love To You (Niamh Lynn) * Old Love Affair (John Glenn) * Good Hearted Woman (Olivia Douglas)

CD3 * Lullaby In Three Quarter Time (Bernie Heaney) * Up To My Ears In Tears (CC Cooper) * Come Early Morning (Kevin Logue) * Lets Go (Gareth Pritchard) * Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Tom Power) * Guitar Town (Cathy Mcgovern) * More Than Your Eyes Can See (Dianne Cannon) * I Cried A Mile (Joe Moore) * Red Neck Woman (Lauren Mccrory) * This Crazy Love (Paul Kelly) * Wine Into Water (Muriel O’Connor & Fran Curry) * Hold The Line (Stuart Moyles) * Those Were The Days (Lorraine & Keith Mcdonald) * We’ll Meet Again My Friends (Ronnie Ross) * Water For My Horses (John Dolan) * Clapping Hands (Lisa Mccrory) * Crazy Arms (Lana Gibson) * The Boy From Donegal (Stephen Smyth) * Woman Behind The Man (Pam Gilmartin) * All I Need Is You (Ale Roe) * Memories (Joe Davitt) * Blue Eyes Country Queen (Shauna Mcstravock) * Silver Threads & Golden Needles (Marisa D’Amota) * Trouble With A Capitol T (Caroline J Harte) * Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black (Shane Owens)

CD 4 * Country Playing Band (Noel Flynn) * Down By The River (John Mcintyre) * Five Minutes More (The Outlaws) * Love’s Gonna Live Here (Ray Murtagh) * God’s Plan (Owen Mac) * Will You Love Me When I’m Old & Feeble (Ed Sweeney) * Whistling Rufus (John Mcgarrigle) * The Way That You Are (Michael Collins) * Cherished Moments (Mary Prendergast) * Cash Returns (Jackson) * Home By Barna (Laura Dunlea) * Don’t Close Your Eyes (Colin Kenny) * Happy Anniversary On Your Special Day (Frank Nelson) * The Bramble And The Rose (Maeve Farrell) * Annascaul (Shay O’Callaghan) * You ‘Re My Reason Why (Anthony Me Brien) * My Time With You (Sean Corrigan) * You’re In Texas (Demi O’Hara) * Bing Bang Boom (Kerry Fearon) * Pretty Souls (Emma Cahill) * Mr Right (Samantha Breslin) * On The Stage Underneath The Lights (Mary Darcy) * Time’s A Wastin (Gary Gamble & Tina Gamble) * Never Really Knew You (Florence Given) * Travellin’ To Flavin (David Kiernan)


100 Great country songs featuring Irelands Top Singers! As seen on TV – Fantastic 4CD Set!


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