The Dubliners – The Original Dubliners (VINYL)

The Dubliners – The Original Dubliners (VINYL)



Side One
  1. Free The People
  2. Biddy Mulligan
  3. Donegal Danny
  4. Joe Hill
  5. Scorn Not His Simplicity

Side Two

  1. Dicey Reilly
  2. The Captains & The Kings
  3. My Darling Asleep Paddy In London An t-Athair Jack Walsh
  4. Molly Malone
  5. Song For Ireland

Side Three

  1. The Rare Auld Times
  2. Finnegan’s Wake
  3. The Marino Waltz
  4. I’ll Tell Me Ma
  5. The Auld Triangle

Side Four

  1. The Town I Loved So Well
  2. Cooley’s Reel the Dawn The Mullingar
  3. Preab San Ól
  4. Seven Drunken Nights
  5. The Irish Rover (with The Pogues)


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