Paddy O’Brien – The Songs I Like To Sing

///Paddy O’Brien – The Songs I Like To Sing

Paddy O’Brien – The Songs I Like To Sing


Paddy O’Brien – Songs I Like To Sing

  1. Dixie Road
  2. Storms Never Last
  3. I’ll Be Faithful To You
  4. Swiss Maid
  5. The Wine Flowed Freely
  6. Soft Place To Fall
  7. The Hanging Tree
  8. Little Bitty Tear
  9. All Those Years Ago
  10. Forgiving You Was Easy
  11. Seashores Of Old Mexico
  12. Red River Valley
  13. Love And Wealth
  14. Going Home
  15. Think Of Me When You’re Lonely
  16. Till I Gain Control Again
  17. I’ll Go Stepping Too
  18. The Shores Of Avalon



  1. Speak To The Sky
  2. Many Tears Ago
  3. Caledonia
  4. The Heart
  5. The Old Waterwheel
  6. This House
  7. It Makes No Difference Now
  8. Good Year For The Roses
  9. Can’t Hold The Years Back
  10. My Blue Tears
  11. Can’t Touch The Sun
  12. Silver Medals & Memories
  13. Fall Apart With You
  14. Walking On The Moon
  15. My Broken Souviners
  16. I Am What I Am
  17. High Cotton
  18. A Place To Fall Apart


New double CD collection from one of Ireland’s favourite singers Paddy O’Brien. 36 great tracks including Dixie Road, Speak To The Sky and A Place To Fall Apart.


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