Paddy O’Brien – Country Treasures

///Paddy O’Brien – Country Treasures

Paddy O’Brien – Country Treasures


Paddy O’Brien – Country Treasures


1. Loving Her Was Easy
2. No One Will Ever Know
3. Shores Of Jordan
4. The Yodelling Waltz
5. Sarah’s Eyes
6. Good Chance Of Tearfall Tonight
7. More Like The Movies
8. If You Love Me Let Me Know
9. Safe In The Harbour
10. Martha
11. Oh To Be The One
12. Second Fiddle
13. Loreena
14. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
15. I Need You To Hold Me Together
16. Ain’t Gonna Be Your Day
17. There Goes My Everything
18. Borders And Bounderies



1. Cowboy In Your Heart
2. If I Didn’t Have A Dime
3. Dream Of Me
4. For Baby (For Bobbie)
5. Broken Engagement
6. I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me
7. Remember Me
8. Let Me Live With Love (And Die With You)
9. Bimbo
10. I’m Tired Of Being Something
11. It’ll Be Her
12. South Of The Border
13. Bad Moon Rising
14. Pretty Words
15. Holding Things Together
16. Way Down Deep
17. Precious Memories
18. Seven Tears


New 2 Disc Set From Paddy O’Brien Featuring 36 Country Classics!

This 2 CD Compilation includes 36 songs taken from albums that Paddy has recorded from 1988 right up to and including “Dream Of Me” which is a song he recorded earlier this year.


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