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Frank Nelson – Just Frank Nelson


Frank Nelson – Just Frank Nelson

CD 1
1. Born In Ireland
2. Little Town On The Shannon
3. Bogs Of Cloonboney
4. Love Is The Question
5. Take Me Back To Tipperary
6. Wandering Minstral Man
7. My Father Came From Roscommon (My Mother Came From Clare)
8. A Little Bit Of Plastic
9. We’re Still Together
10. Ploughing In The Spring
11. Little White House
12. Chicago’s Gaelic Park
13. Sentenced To Life
14. Night Of Cheating

CD 2
1. The Likes Of Big Tom We’ll Never See Again
2. Treasured Memories (with Big Tom)
3. Nothing So Fast As The Passing Of Time
4. Do They Still Sing, “The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door”
5. They’re Singing Our Song
6. I Can Hear It All So Clearly Now
7. I Miss The Craic In Cricklewood
8. The Moon Behind The Hill
9. The Black Raleigh Bike
10. What Will I Tell The Children
11. Under The Bridge
12. Living In A Villa
13. The Rambling House
14. If I Had One More Chance
15. Vodka Is The One
16. Dunlaoghaire Can Be Such A Lonely Place


30 Year Celebration Of Frank Nelson’s Music Career


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