Bridie Gallagher-The Very Best Of

///Bridie Gallagher-The Very Best Of

Bridie Gallagher-The Very Best Of


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Bridie Gallagher-The Very Best Of

Disc 1
1.  Boys From Co Armagh
2.  Johnny My Love
3.  Forty Shades Of Green
4.  At The Close Of An Irish Day
5.  Curragh Of Kildare
6.  Moonlight In Mayo
7.  I’ll Forgive But I’ll Never Forget
8.  If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
9.  Johnny Gray
10. Haste To The Wedding
11. Tumbledown Shack In Athlone
12. Roisin The Bow
13. Teddy O’Neill
14. The Homes Of Donegal
15. The Road To Cresslough
16. The Irish Soldier Boy
17. The Whistling Gypsy
18. The Kylemore Pass
19. The Bonny Boy
20. Dear Hearts & Gentle People

Disc 2
1.  Irish Jaunting Car
2.  Ballyhoe
3.  Cottage By The Lee
4.  Courtin’ In The Kitchen
5.  Faithful Sailor Boy
6.  Green Glens Of Antrim
7.  Glenmuckadee
8.  Hills Of Donegal
9.  Three Flowers
10. Goodbye Johnny Dear
11. Mick Magilligan’s Ball
12. I Left My Land And Mother
13. Two Little Orphans
14. I’ll Remember Your Love In My Prayers
15. Little Bunch Of Violets
16. Killarney And You
17. Moonlight On The Shannon
18. My Mother’s Last Goodbye
19. Rose Of Killkenny
20. The Town I Loved So Well

Disc 3
1.  A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing
2.  Cuttin’ The Corn In Cresslough
3.  The Hills Of Glenswilly
4.  Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle
5.  My Lovely Irish Rose
6.  Noreen Bawn
7.  Sean Ariu (By Bright Silvery Light)
8.  Shall My Soul Pass Thru Old Ireland
9.  Shawl Of Galway Grey
10. Shore Of Lough Neagh
11. The Ould Turf Fire
12. Star Of Donegal
13. Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
14. Take This Message To My Mother
15. The Heart Of Donegal
16. The Road By The River
17. The Croppy Boy
18. The Girl From Donegal
19. When Will You Marry Me Johnny
20. The Half Door


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60 Songs on a 3CD set


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