Farming dvds

  • Various Artists - Farming When I Was Young (DVD)

    Were the good old days the best? Farming has changed... on this DVD you'll see the old ways of farming, hard work but for those who did the work there was a lightness in their hearts and their love for the land at times made hard work seem enjoyable. See The Corn being cut, horses at work, hear the stories from the older generation about life on a farm back then - threshing mills, old-time tractors - it's all on this DVD complemented by expert narration and great farming songs. These scenes will bring back great memories to those who worked the land years ago and will be of great educational value to those who missed out on surely were the good old days! The Singing Brickie, now one of Ireland's most popular entertainers, gives a polished performance LIVE ON STAGE with his band as well as taking us around the beautiful countryside and, of course, to his place of work...the building site.
  • Various Artists - Farming Down Memory Lane

    The life of a farmer has changed dramatically over the past few decades and what was once a way of life is now just a memory and a story for the next generation to treasure. This video captures many aspects of the farmer's life past and present and shows in some detail the work from sowing to the stocking and threshing of the corn harvest and also includes ploughing with horses. These historic scenes are complemented by expert narration and great farming songs and music. Scenes which will bring back fond memories to many and will be first hand education for a new generation.
  • Various Artists - Farming the Old Way (DVD)

    A Nostalgic Look At Farming In The Good Old days! This is the story of the men and women who worked the land from daylight to dusk. Even though farms were a lot smaller years ago, farming was a means of survival, yet those people have inspired generations with their honest day's work! This DVD shows the Old Way of Farming and the old machinery that was working on the farms 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. Visit the potato fields, the wheat fields - see how the corn was cut with sickle and scythe - the old ploughs, threshing mills, horses and ploughs, steam engines, tractors and the combine harvesters. Here is a slice of Farming Heritage, a piece of farming history, a visual example of life from the past and FARMING THE OLD WAY.
  • This fascinating DVD tells the story of how Irish Linen was Ireland's main export and how in the 1800's over a quarter of a million acres of flax was grown in Ulster. A John Thompson Video Production.


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