Charlie Landsborough DVD's

//Charlie Landsborough DVD's
  • Charlie Landsborough - The Life And Music

    Charlie talks about his life and sings many songs including: My Forever Friend and What Colour Is The Wind  
  • Charlie Landsborough- A Special Performance
    1. When You're Not A Dream
    2. What Happened To Love
    3. Special
    4. Little Bit Of Heaven
    5. If Only
    6. Down To Earth
    7. Love You Every Second
    8. Counterfeit Man
    9. Five Fingers
    10. Ugly Bug Ball
    11. Like You Once Loved Me
    12. Passing Through
    13. Who Can Blame Him
    14. No Time At All
    15. My Heart Would Know
    16. Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again
    17. 24 Hours Times Two
    18. You're Still Around
    19. The Isle Of Innisfree
    20. Further Down The Road
    21. What Colour Is The Wind
    22. Beatles Medley: I Feel Fine; Love Me Do; From Me To You; Let It Be
    23. I Will Love You All My Life
    24. My Forever Friend
    25. Shine Your Light / I Saw The Light