Big Tom DVD's

  • A Tribute To Big Tom - Ireland's King Of Country Music

    The Big Tom Tribute, which was recorded in the Glencarn Hotel in front of a live audience of Tom’s family, friends and lifelong fans. The show looks back at a spectacular music career which saw Big Tom catapulted from selling ice-cream to selling out ballrooms and dance halls across Ireland and the UK. Big Tom was joined on stage by his fellow band members The Mainliners as well as some of Ireland’s top country and Irish stars including John Glen; his former band The Travellers and Paddy King; Susan McCann; Margo; Sean Hughes; Philomena Begley; Gene Stewart; Brian Coll; and Declan Nerney.
  • An Evening With Big Tom (DVD)

    1. Lonesome At Your Table 2. Four Country Roads 3. Never Grow Old 4. When The Roses Bloom Again 5. Gentle Mother 6. Texas When I Die 7. Rose Of The Mountain 8. One More Christmas With You 9. Back to Castleblayney 10. The Same Way You Came In 11. I Love You Still / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / You Are My Sunshine Documentary Footage 1. At Home with Big Tom Music Video 1. A Love That's Lasted Through The Years (Big Tom & Margo)
  • Big Tom & The Mainliners - A Celebration

    1. Gentle Mother
    2. Me & Bobby Magee
    3. Blackboard Of My Heart
    4. Wind On The Hill
    5. Bad Moon Rising
    6. They Covered Up The Swimming Hole
    7. I Wish I Had A Nickel
    8. Shopping For Dresses
    9. Little Sea Shell
    10. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
    11. Memphis Tennessee
    12. God Must Be A Cowboy
    13. Nothing So Fast As The Passing Of Time
    14. I'm Grateful
    15. Let Me Go To Texas
    16. Holding Things Together
    17. Magnificent Seven
    18. An Irish Nurse
    19. Geisha Girl
    20. Back To Castleblayney
  • Big Tom and the mainlners - Live at Castlebar 2008 (DVD) 1. Lonesome At Your Table 2. Sunday Morning Christian 3. A Tramp On The Street 4. Where Does The Good Times Go 5. Pain Of Loving You 6. Blue Grass Skirt 7. Drinkin' Them Beers 8. We Split The Blanket 9. A Satisfied Mind 10. Old Father Time 11. Bad Moon Rising 12. Sweep Out The Ashes 13. High On A Hill Top 14. The Same Way You Came In 15. Southern Dixie Flyer 16. When I'm Walkin' 17. Gentle Mother 18. Let Your Love Flow 19. Four Country Roads
  • Big Tom and the Mainlners - Recorded Live in Birmingham and Manchester 2004 (DVD) 1. Rockin Goose Selection 2. GNR Steam Train 3. Where The Grass Grows The Greenest 4. Sunset Years Of Life 5. Gentle Mother 6. Footprints In The Snow 7. Smoke Along The Track 8. Tijuana Lady 9. Back To Castleblayney 10. I'll Settle For Old Ireland 11. 5000 Miles Away From Sligo 12. Leaving Of Liverpool 13. Connemara Shore 14. Please Mama Please 15. Don't Let Me Crossover 16. Lonesome At Your Table 17. Four Country Roads 18. Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me 19. Run To The Door 20. Big Tom Medley - Carroll County Accident, Dim Lights, You Are My Sunshine 21. The Same Way You Came In 22. Original Mainliners Magic Mix - Pins & Needles / Rock 'N' Roll Music / Hey Good Lookin' / California Sun / My World's Come Down.
  • Big Tom and The Mainliners at the Glencarn Hotel 1. Before I Met You 2. Ashes Of Love 3. Mendocino 4. Don't Be Angry 5. Wheels Fell Off The Wagon 6. Little Old Mud Cabin 7. Old Love Letters 8. Back To Castleblayney 9. Under Your Spell 10. Give My Love To Rose 11. My Donegal Shore 12. Let Your Love Flow 13. Sunset Years Of Life 14. Gentle Mother 15. Red River Valley/Rockin Goose 16. Old Rustic Bridge 17. The Little Shirt 18. Four Country Roads 19. Lonesome At Your Table 20. Selection ... (A) Wedding Bells ... (B) Johnny B. Goode ... (C) When I'm Walking ... (D) The Pain Of Loving You
  • Big Tom and The Mainliners - Back to Castleblaney 1.  Lonesome At Your Table 2.  Pain Of Loving You 3.  A Satisfied Mind 4.  Sunday Morning Christian 5.  Cup Of Conversation - Dermot 6.  Clayton Delaney 7.  Mary Claire Mulvanna Rebecca Jane 8.  Rockin Goose Selection - John 9.  Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon 10. Smoke Along The Track 11. Breakin My Heart Once Again - Seamus 12. Cold Hard Facts Of Life 13. Each Season Changes You 14. Let The Four Winds Blow - Robert 15. Gentle Mother 16. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes 17. Bluegrass Fiddle - Seamus 18. Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw 19. Four Country Roads 20. An Old Fashioned Girl - Dermot 21. Jason's Farm 22. Back To Castleblayney 23. Mainliners Magic Mix: Carroll County Accident / Ashes Of Love / I Love You Still / You Are My Sunshine
  • Big Tom and The Mainliners - The Sweetest Gift 1. Where The Grass Grows The Greenest 2. The Sweetest Gift A Mother's Smile 3. Ain't That A Shame 4. The Beauty Of Limerick 5. Games People Play 6. The Girl I Love Now Lives In Birmingham 7. Carless Hands 8. Let The Four Winds Blow 9. Tubbercurry 10. Have I Stayed Away Too Long 11. Where The River Shannon Flows 12. Here I Am 13. My Own Rolling Shoes 14. Crocodile Shoes 15. Tragic Romance 16. Pat The Baker 17. Old Home In Mayo 18. Selection Of Hornpipes
  • Big Tom & The Mainliners At The Galtymore   1.Lonesome At Your Table 2. I'll Settle For Old Ireland 3. Run To The Door 4. Smoke Along The Track 5. Old Log Cabin 6. That's Nice 7. Please Mama Please 8. 5,000 Miles From Sligo 9. Carroll County Accident 10. Rose Of The Mountain 11. Don't Play A Sad Song After Midnight 12. Little Hills Of Monaghan 13. Connemara Shore 14. When The Roses Bloom Again 15. Cottage On The Borderline 16. My Little Son 17. G.N.R Steam Train 18. Pins & Needles, Rock N Roll Music, Hey Good Lookin, California Sun, My Worlds Come Down 19. Dim Lights,Thick Smoke/ I Love You Still,/ Four Country Roads
  • Big Tom and The Mainliners - Galtymore 2004 1.  Rockin Goose Selection 2.  I'll Settle For Old Ireland 3.  All My Friends 4.  Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon 5.  Sunday Morning Christian 6.  5000 Miles Away From Sligo 7.  We'll Sweep Out The Ashes 8.  Breakin' My Heart Once Again 9.  Give My Love To Rose 10. Bunch Of Violets 11. True Blue 12. Gentle Mother 13. Clayton Delaney 14. Four Country Roads 15. Your Wedding Day 16. Hills Of Home 17. Mainliners Magic Mix 18. Carroll County Accident 19. I Love Yopu Still 20. Ashes Of Love 21. Dim Lights 22. You Are My Snshine Bonus Track Same Way You Came In
  • Big Tom and The Mainlinliners at the Ardhowen Theatre
    1. B.J the D.J
    2. The Banks the Ohio
    3. Home to say Goodbye
    4. My Own Lisnagrave
    5. Blues eyes Crying in the rain
    6. I need your Love Tonight
    7. First Fall of snow
    8. Mary Clare Mulvina Rebecca Jane
    9. Where we never grow old
    10. Good Night Dallas
    11. The Day i left Castlebar
    12. Southern Dixie Flyer
    13. Java, San antonio rose
    14. Galway Bay
    15. Foot Prints in the snow
    16. Mainliners Magic Mix