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  • Richie Kavanagh - The Greatest Hits (DVD)

    Videos include Chicken Talk, Aon Focal Eile, Me Granny Was A Plucker, My Girlfriend Has An iPhone, I Love My Juggernaut, Little Ferguson Tractor and many more!

  • Richie Kavanagh - The Boys In Blue

    1. The Boys In Blue
    2. Me Name Is Mickey Joe
    3. The Ballad Of Mattress Mick
    4. Pulling Their Wire 'On The ESB'
    5. The Burger Song
    6. If I Had Known
    7. Why Did They Call Me ESB
    8. The Johnny Tracey Song
    9. Quar Auld Rhymes Song
    10. She Said She Wouldn't
    11. Johnny Is A Bachelor
    12. Aon Focal Eile
    Celebrating 20 Years With Foster & Allen, Shay Healy, Paul McGrath, Brenda Donohue & Tony Keogh
  • Richie Kavanagh - My Girlfriend Has A New iPhone

    1. My Girlfriend Has A New iPhone
    2. Oh I Love The Smell Of Silage
    3. Have You Seen The Paddy Wagon
    4. Just Pull The Twine
    5. Big Maggie She Left Kerry
    6. Australian Girl Whack - A - Li - Lu
    7. With A 123
    8. I'm A Bottle A Stout
    9. The Knickers Shop
    10. A Little Bar A Soap
    11. The Farmers Ball
    12. Quar Auld Rhymes Song
  • Richie Kavanagh - Have You Seen The Paddywagon

    1. Have You Seen The Paddywagon
    2. Aon Focal Eile
    3. The Mobile Phone
    4. Chicken Talk
    5. A Ride On A Tractor
    6. Mickeys Buckin' Ass
    7. Get Out Your Focal Leabhar
    8. How To Milk A Cow
    9. Paddys Day
    10. A Little Bit A Lastic
    11. Fagans Chipper Van
    12. Keep The Shovel Tipping
    13. My Wife Johnnys Morris Minor
    14. Face Her For Mount Leinster
    15. The ABC Song
  • Ritchie Kavanagh - The Story: 17 Tracks

    1. Richie Kavanagh Story 2. Stay Wut Her Johnny 3. Chicken Talk 4. A Travellin' Man 5. A Ferguson Tractor 6. Me Granny Was A Plucker 7. The Tinker And Guard 8. Never Say Ow! 9. Going To School 10. Keep The Shovel Tipping 11. Richie Watch 12. The Lanz Bulldog Tractor 13. The Ploughing Championships 14. I Love My Juggernaut 15. Hanna Hats 16. Sally Dorans Nelly Bike 17. Richie Vintage TV