John Hogan

  • John Hogan - A New Beginning

    1. Rollin’ Home
    2. Heartaches By The Number
    3. More of You
    4. Longing For The Old Days
    5. Mary Ann
    6. Love Is
    7. Lucky One (with Sarah Hogan)
    8. If I Only Had a Home Sweet Home
    9. Rainy Day Room
    10. NaNaNa
    11. My Heart’s Bouquet
    12. When You Fall In Love Everything’s A Waltz (with Carmel Sheerin)
    13. Future Days
  • The Essential John Hogan

    Buddy & Me 
    1. Buddy & Me
    2. Golden Memories
    3. I'll Be Home Soon
    4. Una Paloma Blanca
    5. Never The Bride
    6. Carroll County Accident
    7. Somewhere Between
    8. Thinking About You
    9. Queen Of The Waltz
    10. Picture Of You
    11. The Humour Is On Me Now
    12. Secret Of Living
    Back To Basics
    1. Dad
    2. Paper Rosie
    3. In My Father's House
    4. My Feelings For You
    5. Blowin' In The Win
    6. God's Acres
    7. It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'
    8. Turn Back The Years
    9. A Song For All The Lovers
    10. The Side Of The Road
    11. I Recall A Gypsy Woman
    12. Sunshine On My Shoulders
    13. Always By My Side
    The Nashville Album
    1. Till The Mountains Disappear
    2. Walk Though This World With Me
    3. Baby I'm Lovin' You Now
    4. Morning Sun and Memories
    5. I'll Give My Heart To You
    6. Stepping Stone
    7. Back Home Again
    8. Far Away Heart
    9. I Can't Help It
    10. You Can't Take It With You When You Go
    11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
    12. Battle Hymn Of Love
    13. My Guitar
    14. Fallen Angel
  • The Very Best Of John Hogan

    DVD 1.Walk Through The World With Me 2.My Guitar 3.Far Away Heart 4.Stepping Stone 5.Til’ The Mountains Disappear 6.Something’s Wrong 7.A Irish Harvest Day 8.I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You 9.I’ll Buy Her Roses 10.Sadly Ever After 11.I’ll GGive My Heart To You 12.Morning Sun And Memories 13.You Cant’t Take It With You 14.Back Home Again 15.The Leaving Side 16.Turn Back The Years CD 1.Thank God I’m A Country Boy 2.Walk Through The World With Me 3.An Irish Harvest Day 4.Cottage In The Country 5.Your Cheatin’ Heart 6.China Doll 7.My Feelings For You 8.The Wreck Of The Old No.9 9.Turn Back The Years 10.Red River Valley 11.Back Home Again 12.My Guitar 13.I’ll Buy Her Roses 14.Brown Eyes 15.Stepping Stone 16.Please Don’t Forget Me 17.Still Got A Crush OnYou 18.Moonlight In Mayo 19.I Know That You Know (That I Love You) 20.Battle Hymn Of Love