John Glenn

  • John Glenn & The Mainliners - Roses In The Snow

    Roses In The Snow Streets of Baltimore Memphis Tennessee Anger & Tears Green, Green Grass of Home Here I am Drunk Again No one will Ever Know Dim the Lights & Pour The Wine Hello Josephine Union Mare & Confederate Grey When The Robins Come Home You're Breaking My Heart
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    John Glenn - I'll Settle For Old Ireland

    1. Heart Over Mind
    2. I'll Go Down Swinging
    3. Time To Bum Again
    4. Love And Honour
    5. Ain't Love A Lot Like That
    6. Across The Blue Sea
    7. An Old Love Affair
    8. It's All Gone To Pot
    9. I'll Settle For Old Ireland
    10. Lonesome At Your Table
    11. Some Good Ole Country Songs
    12. Forgettin' About You
  • John Glenn-Make Mine Country

    1. The Girl Who Reads The Same Book All The Time

    2. If Heartaches Were Wine

    3. Push The Panic Button

    4. Don't Say Goodbye

    5. Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep

    6. Alone With You

    7. Jimmy Was A Drinking Kind Of Man

    8. That's What Makes The Jukebox Play

    9. If You Can Touch Her At All

    10. In One Hundred Years

    11. Up Till Now I've Wanted Everything But You

    12. Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico