Aidan Clerkin

//Aidan Clerkin
  • Aidan Clerkin - A Little Bit Of Luck

    1. Time Of My Life
    2. Hello Happiness, Goodbye Loneliness
    3. Hole In The Wall
    4. Come Sundown
    5. A Mother's Love
    6. Best Friend I've Ever Had
    7. Break Her Heart Or Mine
    8. Trying To Fall In Love
    9. Where Love Leads
    10. Borrowed Angel
    11. Wrong Side Of Sober
    12. A Little Bit Of Luck
  • Aidan Clerkin - Little Did I Know

    1. Don't Fight The Feelings
    2. Up To Feeling Down
    3. Speak Softly
    4. The Golden Years
    5. Guitars, Cadillacs, Hillbilly Music
    6. Little Did I Know
    7. Old Flames
    8. Remember Me
    9. Waltz Of A Lifetime
    10. Think Of Me When You're Lonely
    11. Give A Lonely Heart A Home
    12. It Depends On Who Buys The Wine