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//£6 And Under
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    The Murphy's - Breaking Ground

    1. Breaking Ground
    2. The Man Who Loved Me First
    3. The Centre Of Gravity
    4. Working Mom
    5. My Connemara Marble Ring
    6. Our Beloved Billy
    7. When Your First Love Says I Do (But Not To You)
    8. Relatively Speaking
    9. The Empty Room
    10. Nelena
    11. Strong Is The Man
    12. The Streets Of Promise
    13. The Rumour Mill
    14. Sisters
    15. The Man Who Loved Me First (Acoustic Version)
  • Ben Troy - Gravity

    1. I'm On Fire
    2. Fallin' & Flyin'
    3. Gravity
    4. Hard Times
    5. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    6. It Must Be Love
    7. Three Wooden Crosses
    8. Original
    9. Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door)
    10. Lost In Your Light
    11. Summer Nights
    12. He Stopped Loving Her Today
    13. *Bonus Track* It Must Be Love - Jive Version
  • Gospel Moods Panpipes Collection

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Barry Woods - Gospel Moods

    1. The Old Rugged Cross 2. I Saw The Light 3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 4. Amazing Grace 5. The Lord's My Shepherd 6. This World Is Not My Home 7. Sweet Bye And Bye 8. One Day At A Time 9. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 10. Michael Row The Boat Ashore 11. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 12. Hand In The Band 13. Onward Christian Soldiers 14. We Shall Overcome 15. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 16. It Is No Secret 17. Abide With Me 18. My Forever Friend 19. Closer Walk With Thee 20. Jesus Loves Me 21. Shall We Gather At The River? 22. How Great Thou Art 23. Whispering Hope 24. Stand Up For Jesus 25. Rivers Of Babylon 26. Saint's Go Marchin' In
  • Paul Kelly - Cut The Grass

    1. Cut The Grass
    2. Tang's Hauling
    3. On The Market
    4. Summertime
    5. Willie The Dealer
  • Hugo Duncan - The Singer

    1. Wee Susie
    2. A Man Who Had Nothing
    3. One More Last Chance
    4. The Isle Of Innisfree
    5. Way Back When
    6. My Forever Friend
    7. Courtin In The Kitchen
    8. When You Were Sweet Sixteen
    9. Dirty Old Town
    10. Annies Song
    11. Fooled Once Again
    12. Forty Shades Of Green
    13. Patsy Fegan
    14. Come Back Paddy Reilly
    15. A World Of Our Own
    16. Morningtown Ride
  • An Irish Country Christmas

    1. The Benn Sisters - Winter Wonderland
    2. Philomena Begley - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
    3. Aidan Quinn - I'll Be Home With Bells On
    4. Kieran McGilligan - Do You Still Believe In Christmas
    5. Robert Mizzell - The Greatest Gift Of All
    6. Shaun Loughrey - Last Christmas
    7. Daniel O'Donnell - Christmas Story
    8. Patrick Feeney - To Be A Child Again
    9. Roly Daniels - Blue Christmas
    10. Thomas & Fhiona - Fairy Tale Of New York
    11. Hugo Duncan - White Christmas
    1. Susan McCann - It's Gonna Be One Happy Christmas
    2. Warren Smyth - Mistletoe & Wine
    3. Sandy Kelly - Christmas Without You
    4. Brendan Quinn - Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy
    5. Frank McCaffrey - Christmas Polka
    6. Stephen Smyth - Let It Snow
    7. Sean Corrigan - Merry Christmas Everyone
    8. Anthony McBrien - A Christmas Carol
    9. Bonnie - Only Winters Tale
    10. Dee Riley - Silent Night
    11. Eamon McCann - How Do I Wrap Up My Heart Up For Christmas
    12. Liam McLaughlin - Happy Country Christmas
    13. Jimmy Buckley - An Old Fashioned Christmas
  • Philomena Begley and Margo O'Donnell - The Way Old Friends Do (DVD)

    IRELAND'S COUNTRY QUEENS Filmed and Recorded in Nashville, U.S.A and in Ireland Lovely Scenery from the Irish countryside, Nashville, Tennessee and the Grand Ole Opry. 14 Country, Irish and Gospel Classics 1. MOTHER MAY I (Duet: Philomena and Margo) 2. GOD'S COLOURING BOOK (Margo) 3. GOLD AND SILVER DAYS (Philomena) 4. I SEE GOD (Duet: Philomena and Margo) 5. HE TOOK YOUR PLACE (Duet: Philomena and Margo) 6. WISHFUL THINKING (Margo) 7. CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS (Philomena) 8. GOLDEN MEMORIES (Duet: Philomena and Margo) 9. THE WAY OLD FRIENDS DO (Duet: Philomena and Margo) 10. COLOUR ME BLUE (Philomena) 11. DARLING DAYS (Margo) 12. HUSBAND HUNTING (Philomena) 13. HALLELUJAH IN MY HEART (Duet: Philomena and Margo) Featuring Liz Anderson and Skeeter Davis 14. THERE'LL BE LOVE (Introduction and Finale)
  • Various Artists - Farming When I Was Young (DVD)

    Were the good old days the best? Farming has changed... on this DVD you'll see the old ways of farming, hard work but for those who did the work there was a lightness in their hearts and their love for the land at times made hard work seem enjoyable. See The Corn being cut, horses at work, hear the stories from the older generation about life on a farm back then - threshing mills, old-time tractors - it's all on this DVD complemented by expert narration and great farming songs. These scenes will bring back great memories to those who worked the land years ago and will be of great educational value to those who missed out on surely were the good old days! The Singing Brickie, now one of Ireland's most popular entertainers, gives a polished performance LIVE ON STAGE with his band as well as taking us around the beautiful countryside and, of course, to his place of work...the building site.
  • Various Artists - Farming the Old Way (DVD)

    A Nostalgic Look At Farming In The Good Old days! This is the story of the men and women who worked the land from daylight to dusk. Even though farms were a lot smaller years ago, farming was a means of survival, yet those people have inspired generations with their honest day's work! This DVD shows the Old Way of Farming and the old machinery that was working on the farms 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. Visit the potato fields, the wheat fields - see how the corn was cut with sickle and scythe - the old ploughs, threshing mills, horses and ploughs, steam engines, tractors and the combine harvesters. Here is a slice of Farming Heritage, a piece of farming history, a visual example of life from the past and FARMING THE OLD WAY.
  • Daniel O'Donnell - I Have A Dream

    1. Everything Is Beautiful
    2. Never Ending Song of Love
    3. Beautiful Sunday
    4. Sweet Caroline
    5. I Can See Clearly Now
    6. Help Me Make It Through The Night
    7. For The Good Times
    8. Lucille, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
    9. Top of The World (Duet Mary Duff)
    10. Honey, The Most Beautiful Girl
    11. Can’t Help Falling In Love
    12. Spanish Eyes, You Needed Me
    13. I have a Dream
    14. You’re My Best Friend (With Mary Duff)
    15. Knock Three Times, Living Next Door To Alice (Live)
    16. Is This The Way to Amarillo.
  • Various Artists - Farming Down Memory Lane

    The life of a farmer has changed dramatically over the past few decades and what was once a way of life is now just a memory and a story for the next generation to treasure. This video captures many aspects of the farmer's life past and present and shows in some detail the work from sowing to the stocking and threshing of the corn harvest and also includes ploughing with horses. These historic scenes are complemented by expert narration and great farming songs and music. Scenes which will bring back fond memories to many and will be first hand education for a new generation.