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  • Nathan Carter - Anniversary Collection (The Best Of The First 10 Years)

    1. Sarah Jane
    2. Temple Bar
    3. Beeswing
    4. The Games People Play
    5. Wings To Fly
    6. Gypsy Queen
    7. Banks Of The Roses
    8. Break For The Border
    9. Where I Wanna Be
    10. Boat To Liverpool
    11. Caledonia
    12. Good Time Girls
    13. Welcome To The Weekend
    14. May The Road Rise
    15. Time Of Your Life
    16. You Can't Make Old Friends
    17. Winnie O'Neill
    18. Good Morning Beautiful
    19. Wagon Wheel
    20. One For The Road

  • Owen Mac - How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

    1. Praying 2. Look For Me 3. Church In The Wildwood 4. Build My Mansion 5. Far Side Banks Of Jordan (Ft. Tony Allen) 6. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You 7. Jesus Loves Me 8. If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven 9. Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me (Ft. Shauna Mac) 10. Jesus Is Living In Me (Ft. Dessie Mac) 11. If Jesus Comes Tomorrow 12. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
  • John Glenn & The Mainliners - Roses In The Snow

    Roses In The Snow Streets of Baltimore Memphis Tennessee Anger & Tears Green, Green Grass of Home Here I am Drunk Again No one will Ever Know Dim the Lights & Pour The Wine Hello Josephine Union Mare & Confederate Grey When The Robins Come Home You're Breaking My Heart
  • Cliona Hagan - Travelling Shoes (The Video Collection)

    1. Born To Run
    2. I Need Someone To Hold Me When I Cry
    3. The Cowboy Yodel
    4. Only Getting Started (Feat. Derek Ryan)
    5. Straight To You
    6. Stop Cheatin' On Me
    7. We're All Gonna Die Someday
    8. Stuck Like Glue
    9. Crazy Over You (Feat. Michael English)
    10. McCarthy's Party
    11. 1-2-3
    12. Hallelujah
    13. Get Your Red Neck On
    14. Irish Eyes Smiling At Christmas
  • Mike Denver - Workin' Man

    1. The Craic Was 90 In The Isle Of Man
    2. Workin' Man
    3. What Goes On
    4. The Streets Of London
    5. The Twist
    6. Grace
    7. There's A Kind Of Hush
    8. How Long Will I Love You
    9. Mrs Robinson
    10. Love Is All Around
    11. Alone With You
    12. Long Before Your Time
    13. The Taker
  • The Very Best In Country & Irish Collection

    The Very Best of Country & Irish - includes Volume 1, 2 & Pure Country as a Special Offer for the 3 DVD's. The Very Best of Country & Irish Vol 1 What's Another Year (Louise Morrissey) You're Some Trucker (Seamus Moore) A Little Light (CC Cooper) Irish Heart (Owen Mac) How Great Thou Art (Dervla Burke) Molly (Derek Burke) Fool For Loving You (Mary Burke) Missing (Keelan) Railroad Bum (Bernie Heaney) Big House In The Sky (Shaun Loughrey) Because Of You (Darren Kieran) The Way I Am (Norman Borland) I Might Just Make It (Simon Peters) Pothole Song (Richie Kavanagh) On The Market (Paul Kelly) Comfort Of Her Wings (Nigel Livingstone) Gene Stuart Medley (Cowboy Larry) Little Red Wagon ( Lorna Goodwin) Our Wild Atlantic Shore (Ailish Mcbride) The Very Best of Country & Irish Vol 2 Fly Me West (Margo) Circles (Louise Morrissey) Mary Dear (Billy McFarland) Pal Of My Cradle Days (Shaun Cuddy) If Jesus Comes Tomorrow (Owen Mac) Willie The Dealer (Paul Kelly) When Big Tom Sang Gentle Mother (Keelan) Look At Us (Shaun Loughrey) Golden Ring (Ailish McBride & Ciaran Rosney) The Man From Galilee (Bernie Heaney) Old Maid In The Garrett (Sabrina Fallon) Never Give Up (Curtis Magee) There Goes My Heart (John Rafferty) The Cowboy Rides Away (Andreas Durkin) Good Times Left In Me (Thomas Milligan) Country Roads (Marian Waldron) Tiger Feet (David Kiernan) Part Of Me (Michelle Murphy) Thank God I'm A Country Girl (Larissa Tormey) Do What You Do Do Well (Paul Molloy) I Will Love You Till This Ring Turns Green (Damien Davis) Missouri (Simon Peters) Pure Country Mix 2 Connemara Marble Ring (The Benn Sisters) Heaven (Ben Troy) Where Are You Now (Celine Carolan) The Johnny Cash Accolade (Eamon McCann) I Wish I Was 18 Again (Fergus Harman) You're Beautiful (Gerald Ahern) Maria (John Hogan) Love Me A Little Bit Longer (Lisa Stanley) All Around My Hat (Louise Morrissey) I Won't Be Singing Aon Focal Anymore (Richie Kavanagh) Lovin' All Night (Rosie Flanagan) The Gambler (The Wee Amigos) Dream Lover (The Country Wild Cats) The Answer To Everything (Gloria) Mr Jones (Simon Peters) Rhinestone Cowboy (The Wee Amigos) He Stopped Loving Her Today (Shaun Loughrey)
  • Lisa McHugh – The Best So Far

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Lisa McHugh - The Best So Far

    1. Apple Jack
    2. What You Get Is What You See
    3. She's In Love With The Boy
    4. I'm A Little Bit Lonely
    5. Mean
    6. Blue Smoke
    7. 26 Cents
    8. Why'd Ya Come In Here
    9. You Can't Make Old Friends (Feat. Nathan Carter)
    10. Bye Bye
    11. Who I Am
    12. Hillbilly Girl
    13. Why Have You Left The One
    14. There Were Roses
    15. Y'All Come
    16. Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels
    17. Daddy's Little Girl
    18. Honey Honey (Feat. Derek Ryan)
    19. Peggy Gordan (Feat. Malachi Cush)
    20. Country Girl
  • Big Tom - The Pleasure Has Been Mine

    CD1 1. I’m Grateful (Previously Unreleased) 2. God Must Be a Cowboy (Previously Unreleased) 3. The Old Swimming Hole (Previously Unreleased) 4. The Wind On The Hill (Previously Unreleased) 5. A Love That’s Lasted Through The Years (Duet with Margo) 6. Teardrops In The Snow 7. Wild And Wicked World 8. Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die 9. You're the Perfect Picture 10. Deep Water 11. We Sure Danced Us Some Good Ones 12. The Pleasure Has Been Mine (Previously Unreleased) CD2 - Live in Derry 1. Lonesome At Your Table (Live) 2. Four Country Roads (Live) 3. Gentle Mother (Live) 4. Texas When I Die (Live) 5. Rose Of The Mountain (Live) 6. Back to Castleblayney (Live) 7. When The Roses Bloom Again (Live) 8. Never Grow Old (Live) 9. One More Christmas With You (Live) 10. The Same Way You Came In (Live) 11. I Love You Still / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / You Are My Sunshine (Live)
  • Michael English - Live From INEC Killarney (CD)

    CD1 Ding Dong Sing My Song There Goes My Everything You're My Best Friend Jambalaya A Million Memories Locklin's Bar Will Ya Dance Irish Medley The Band Is Back In Town Orange Blossom Special Until You Have Walked In My Shoes / The Nearest To Perfect I Remember you Sing this Song CD2 I Don't Want The Money Ond Day At A Time Only Our Rivers Run Free Tuam Beat Irish Stew Rock 'N' Roll Medley How Great Thou Art Neil Diamond Medley Dance All Night Ten Guitars Amazing Grace Bundlin
  • Philomena Begley - My Life, My Music, My Memories (CD)

    DISC 1 – MY LIFE, MY MUSIC, MY MEMORIES - Philomena’s story in 16 songs 1. My Life, My Music, My Memories 2. Route 65 to Nashville 3. A Village In County Tyrone 4. Old Ardboe 5. Come, Me Little Son (Single version) 6. Once Around The Dance Floor 7. Wildwood Flower 8. She Sang The Melody 9. Tribute to Billie Jo 10. All The Road Running 11. Queen Of The Silver Dollar 12. Your Health Is Your Wealth 13. I Ain't Over The Hill 14. Blanket On The Ground 15. The Way Old Friends Do 16. Gold & Silver Days DISC 2: RARE & UNRELEASED – 16 hidden gems from the archives 1. I Apologise 2. Seeing Her With You 3. Charley's Picture 4. Making Love To You Is Like Eating Peanuts 5. Hillbilly Girl With The Blues 6. Another Chance 7. Standing In Line 8. My Tears Will Tell My Heart 9. Daddy And Home 10. If My Heart Had Windows 11. Life Is Not Always A Rainbow 12. I'll Be Faithful To You 13. God I Love You 14. Come, Me Little Son (Alternate version) 15. Heartaches For A Dime 16. The Box It Came In
  • David James - Country Heart

    1. Donegal Doll
    2. Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way
    3. Medley
    4. Everything
    5. Tell M'Girl
    6. Silent Prayers
    7. Irish Feet, Country Heart
    8. Medley
    9. Lady Of Knock
    10. Finnegans Wake
    11. Piano Man
    12. Love Me (Acoustic)
  • Donna Taggart - Celtic Lady Volume 2

    1. Donegal Rain
    2. The Lucky One
    3. All The Lies
    4. Hard Times
    5. Jealous Of The Angels
    6. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    7. Living In These Troubled Times
    8. Changed
    9. Peggy Gordon
    10. When The Right One Comes Along
    11. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
    12. Thorn Upon The Rose
    13. I Will Carry You