Nathan Carter – A Beautiful Life (Deluxe Edition)

///Nathan Carter – A Beautiful Life (Deluxe Edition)

Nathan Carter – A Beautiful Life (Deluxe Edition)


Nathan Carter – Beautiful Life (Deluxe Edition)

  1. Wagon Wheel
  2. Where I Wanna Be
  3. Caledonia
  4. Boat To Liverpool
  5. Beautiful Life
  6. Call You Home
  7. Saw You running
  8. Lay Down Beside Me
  9. One For The Road
  10. On The Other Side
  11. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
  12. Drift Away
  13. Welcome To The Weekend
  14. Good Morning Beautiful
  15. Where Do You Go To My Lovely
  16. Twelfth Of Never
  17. Ho Hey


  1. Wagon Wheel (Live)
  2. The Town I Loved So Well (Live)
  3. Caledonia (Live)
  4. Where I Wanna Be (Live)
  5. Wagon Wheel
  6. Learn The Wagon Wheel Dance
  7. Nathan On Tour!


The deluxe edition of Nathan Carter’s Beautiful Life includes a special DVD featuring footage from The Wagon Wheel Show Live and more!


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