Mick Flavin – Travelin’ With Flavin (DVD&CD)

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Mick Flavin – Travelin’ With Flavin (DVD&CD)


Released Friday 23rd November

Mick Flavin – Travelin’ To Flavin (DVD&CD)

Live DVD & On Location Videos

  1. Beautiful Bouquet
  2. It’ll Be Me
  3. Someday
  4. Old Log Cabin
  5. Choices
  6. Legend And The Man
  7. Back Home To Mayo
  8. Picture In A Frame
  9. Hard Times Loving Can Bring
  10. A Few Old Country Boys
  11. Size 7 Round (Duet With Mary Duff)
  12. When I Lay Me Down
  13. Wild Irish Rose
  14. Last Chance Saloon
  15. Who Will Pray For Me
  16. Working Woman
  17. Jeannie Norman
  18. Never To Old
  19. Hank Williams Set
  20. Lights Of Home
  21. Make It After All
  22. Play Off Credits – Wild Flowers

CD Soundtrack

  1. It’ll Be Me
  2. Someday You’ll Love Me
  3. Choices
  4. Legend And The Man
  5. Picture In A Frame
  6. Hard Times Loving Can Bring
  7. A Few Old Country Boys
  8. When I Lay Me Down
  9. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  10. Last Chance Saloon
  11. Working Woman
  12. Hank Williams Set
  13. Jeannie Norman
  14. I’m Gonna Make It After All
  15. Light Of Home



This Superb collection features Mick Flavin’s brand new Live DVD, on location videos and a CD soundtrack. It has been a number of years since Mick has recorded a DVD and he is very excited about this project which took a lot of planning and hard work. The CD includes 15 live recordings from the Show.

Mick has come a long way and has toured the world with his music, he is celebrating 30 years in Country Music and continues to play to packed houses everywhere.


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