Derek Ryan Album Bundle

///Derek Ryan Album Bundle

Derek Ryan Album Bundle


Derek Ryan – Happy Man

  1. City Of Chicago
  2. Stay All Night
  3. Old And Grey
  4. Won’t Ya Come Down (To Yarmouth Town)
  5. You’re Only Young Once
  6. Sixty Years Ago
  7. Happy Man
  8. Sax, Drums & Rock ‘N’ Roll
  9. On To The Whiskey I Go
  10. Summer Nights
  11. Carry Me Home
  12. You Belong To Me
  13. Jersey Girl
  14. People Are Crazy
  15. When You Love Someone

Derek Ryan – This Is Me (The Nashville Songbook)

  1. This Is Me
  2. Tender
  3. More To Good Lovin’
  4. Brand New Day
  5. Better Than Being Alone
  6. Some Days
  7. Switch
  8. 100 Numbers
  9. Fine Line
  10. Connemara Sky
  11. God’s Plan (2016)


The two new albums from Derek Ryan! Happy Man and This Is Me! Order them together now!


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