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  • Derek Ryan - The Fire (Deluxe)

    1. Heaven Tonight (Feat. Goitse)
    2. Clap Both My Hands
    3. Pretty Little Lonely Eyes
    4. The Fox
    5. Full House. Empty Heart
    6. My Father's House (Feat. Adrian Ryan)
    7. Down On Your Uppers
    8. Homeland
    9. Adalaida
    10. Sweet Forget Me Not
    11. This Ain't Love
    12. Where Do You Run
    13. The Fire
    14. Friends With Tractors
    15. Promises
    16. Coconut Tree
    17. Medley For The Roses (Hold On To Your Hat/Old Time Rock 'n' Roll, Achy Breaky Heart)
  • Lisa McHugh - Who I Am

    1. Country Girl
    2. I’ll Think Of A Reason Later
    3. Follow Your Arrow
    4. Hold My Hand
    5. Bye Bye
    6. Head Over Boots
    7. Daddy’s Little Girl
    8. Dream Of Me
    9. Out Of Heaven
    10. 10.Who I Am
    11. 11.Mama Tried
    12. 12.Happy People
    13. 13.Girl With The Fishing Rod
  • Mike Denver - Enjoy Yourself

    1. Memories Are Made Of This
    2. Nancy Mulligan
    3. Hey God
    4. Walk With Me
    5. Billy Can't Read
    6. Galway Tae
    7. Don't Mess With My Toot Toot
    8. My Beautiful Wife
    9. Enjoy Yourself
    10. Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
    11. Dreaming My Dreams
    12. I Want You To Want Me
    13. The Long Goodbye
    14. San Bernadino
    15. Country Medley
  • Big Tom - The Ultimate Collection

    • The Same Way You Came In
    • GNR Steam Train
    • Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill
    • Mama's Roses
    • Grandfather Clock
    • Smoke Along The Track
    • Far side Banks Of Jordan
    • Gentle Mother
    • Connemara Shores
    • Let Me Go To Texas
    • I Love You Still
    • The Image Of Me
    • The Old Account
    • An Irish Nurse
    • Four Country Roads
    • Dim Lights
    • 4 Strong Winds
    • Lonesome At Your Table
    • Old Father Time
    • My Donegal Shore
    • Where The Grass Grows The Greenest
    • Back To Castleblayney
    • Run To The Door
    • southern Dixie Flyer
    • If Teardrops Were Pennies
    • Pain Of Loving You
    • 5000 Miles From Sligo
    • Nothing I Can Do About It Now
    • She Thinks I Still Care
    • Tubbercurry
    • Jasons Farm
    • Cottage On The Border
    • Carroll County Accident
    • Old Log Cabin
    • Travels On
    • Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet
    • Teach Your Children
    • Broken Marriage Vows
    • Nobody's Darling
    • Forgiving You Was Easy
  • Cliona Hagan - Secret Love

    1. The Wilder Your Heart Beats
    2. Imagine That
    3. McCarthy’s Party
    4. Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You)
    5. Another Chance
    6. Head Over Boots
    7. More Where That Come From
    8. The Band Played An Old Time Waltz
    9. Secret Love
    10. Stop Cheatin’ On Me
    11. I’m Movin On
    12. Handle With Care
    13. Born To Run
    14. Country Found Me
  • Owen Mac - My Journey

    1. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
    2. Irish Heart
    3. Silver Haired Daddy
    4. Try
    5. Crazy
    6. I Won't Have To Worry Anymore
    7. Rolling Home
    8. In The Time That You Gave Me
    9. Rocky Top
    10. Here Comes Goodbye

  • Big Tom - The King Of Irish Country (Book)

    This biography is a tribute to Big Tom McBride and his extraordinary career as an Irish Country Music Legend. Big Tom was the undisputed King of Irish country music with a singing career spanning over 60 years. Countless Irish country music stars have paid tribute to Big Tom since his passing which made national headlines and inspired a special Late Late Show tribute. Irish singer song-writer Declan Nerney: “Big Tom was Ireland’s Elvis ...Big Tom...was an ordinary man who was an extraordinary country music singer and performer; his songs and his way captured the very essence of whatcountry music is all about.” More than half a million people tuned in to pay tribute to the late Irish countrylegend Big Tom McBride on the Late Late Show Country Special on RTÉ One on 20th April.
  • Released 13th August 2018

    Sean Wilson - 60 at Sixty

    Disc 1 Sean Wilson Latest & Greatest 1 Better Than Today 2 Three Wooden Crosses 3 Love At First Sight 4 Wine Into Water 5 Better Man 6 Home 7 If Tomorrow Never Comes 8 Rosie 9 A Road That Never Ends 10 Song For Ireland 11 Cottage On The Hill 12 You Can't Turn Back The Years (with Tony Mac) 13 If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child) 14 New Wine 15 Hard Times Come Again No More 16 Shanagolden 17 So Much Music & So Little Time 18 From The Candy Store (with Susan McCann) 19 Let's Turn Back The Years 20 The Tears Of An Exile Disc 2 Rare & Unreleased 1 Blue Magic 2 Golden Dreams 3 Just As Soon As I Can 4 The Gypsy 5 Lily's White Lies 6 She Put The Music In Me 7 It's Good To See You 8 The Old Country Church 9 Home To Donegal 10 Irish Harvest Day 11 Nobody's Child 12 Irish Soldier Boy 13 Part Of Me 14 Hills Of Kerry 15 Molly 16 Three Leaf Shamrock 17 Sunnyside Of The Mountain 18 Among The Wicklow Hills 19 Walking Piece Of Heaven 20 Any Dream Will Do Disc 3 You Can't Turn Back The Years DVD 1 Shores Of Lough Neagh 2 Lough Neagh I Love You 3 The Old Man 4 Singalong Medley 5 Roses Round The Half Door 6 Golden Dreams 7 Ring Of Fire 8 Horses & Plough 9 Storybook Children 10 These Tender Years 11 On The Road Again 12 Dance Medley 13 Antrim Coast Road 14 A Little Pub In London 15 The Living Prayer (with Shauna Wilson) 16 Paddy Reilly's Daughter 17 You Can't Turn Back The Years Bonus tracks: 18 Better Than Today 19 Sweethearts In Heaven 20 The Old Man (Alternate
  • Released July 2018! Pre Order Today

    Michael English - Live From INEC Killarney (CD)

    CD1 Ding Dong Sing My Song There Goes My Everything You're My Best Friend Jambalaya A Million Memories Locklin's Bar Will Ya Dance Irish Medley The Band Is Back In Town Orange Blossom Special Until You Have Walked In My Shoes / The Nearest To Perfect I Remember you Sing this Song CD2 I Don't Want The Money Ond Day At A Time Only Our Rivers Run Free Tuam Beat Irish Stew Rock 'N' Roll Medley How Great Thou Art Neil Diamond Medley Dance All Night Ten Guitars Amazing Grace Bundlin
  • Keep It Country - A Celebration Of Irish Country Music

    Drawing together all that's great about the vibrant Irish country music scene, Keep It Country! features all the top artists and bands, as well as those who are new on the scene. It's a must-have for Irish country music fans. Travel around the country to venues big and small and celebrate the real shared experience between fans and performers. Learn about life on the road for Irish Country Music stars, their favourite songs and most cherished memories. Full of great photographs from concerts and more private moments. With interviews, photographs and quotes from some of the biggest names in Irish Country Music from Mike Denver to Nathan Carter and from Big Tom to Philomena Begley, this book is unique, celebratory and accessible.